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Medical Devices

We understand the impact that the health care and medical device industry has on your business. For years Intellectt has demonstrated service excellence and partnership with lot of medical device clients over an extended period of time in all capacities of temporary, temporary to permanent and permanent positions. Our recruiters and account executives are experienced in staffing clients within the orthopedics, spine, neurotechnology, and endoscopy fields. Medical device staffing requires only the best candidates with a specific set of skills and qualifications. As experts in the staffing industry, we personalize our recruiting services with your business needs. Helping you find qualified and quality candidates for the job.

Below are sample of the professional roles related to medical devices our team has worked with and recruited over the years:

  • New Product Development 
  • Design Controls
  • Test Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Compliance
  • Reliability
  • Post Market Surveillance


Intellectt is a leader in validation staffing and recruitment solutions within the Healthcare and Pharma industry. We have an experienced team of consultants dedicated to providing our clients with expert contract and permanent validation staffing services. The team specialises in filling niche roles within this field, including validation engineer jobs, validation technician jobs and validation management roles.

Over the past years, we have established a reputation among employers as an industry-leading recruitment agency, operating across the USA. Intellectt offers an extensive range of recruitment services from contingency hires to project-based managed services that will suit any hiring need.

Our extensive database of candidates with specialist validation skillsets, best-in-class applicant tracking system and industry leading network tools enable us to deliver exceptional validation professionals for human resources, talent acquisition teams, department heads and project managers at:

  • Global top 10 medical device companies
  • The leading medical tech pioneers
  • Emerging biopharmas & biotechs
  • Global consumer health, nutrition & cosmetics brands

Our expertise enables us to source and supply validation candidates for positions at all levels and functions including:

  • Commissioning and Qualification
  • Facilities/Utilities Qualification
  • Equipment Validation/Qualification
  • Computer System Validation
  • Process Validation
  • Test method validation
  • Cleaning Validation
  • Cleaning Validation Engineer
  • Validation Technician

Clinical Data Management

For Clinical recruitment in the pharmaceutical & life science industry, including clinical data management, programming and statisticians, make Intellectt your supplier of choice. With an experienced team of recruiters who specialise exclusively in clinical data roles, Intellectt is a professional staffing and recruitment agency that supports the hiring needs of pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, CRO and other life science clients.

As one of the top recruitment agencies in the life science industry in the USA, Intellectt has an accomplished reputation among employers for delivering quality staffing and recruitment services for contract and permanent roles.

Our expertise in the field of Clinical enables us to staff and recruit CVs for positions at all levels of seniority including:

  • Clinical Project Manager,
  • Data Scientist
  • Biostatistician
  • Statistical Programmer
  • Clinical Programmer 

Regulatory Affairs

Even if your business has created a new medicine along with the clinical trials that prove it will benefit a broad population, it still has to flex its efficacy and safety muscles to the regulation agency and get its approval. This is the main responsibility of the Regulatory Affairs team. Ensuring the product has optimum efficacy and safety for use in the country. The Regulatory Affairs department collaborates with the  FDA (and other bodies) to ensure all new information and data about the medicine is given to them. They bridge the gap between the company and the necessary organisations.


To find the ideal Regulatory Affairs role, you need to demonstrate an understanding of both legal and scientific matters, have the analytical ability, strong attention to detail, negotiation and communication skills, just to name a few. Our Medical Recruitment, Technical Recruitment and Scientific Recruitment professionals recruit for roles such as:

Our expertise enables us to source and supply regulatory affairs professionals for regulatory positions at all levels and functions including:

  • Regulatory Affairs Associate
  • Labelling Specialists
  • Post-marketing Specialists 
  • CMC specialists 
  • Senior Regulatory Affairs Associate 
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist
  • Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Regulatory Affairs Assistant


Medical Writing

Medical writing is a fundamental part of healthcare and pharmaceutical industry and requires expertise to ensure clarity in the produced documents.

We source technically strong writers who offer regulatory medical writing as well as educational medical writing services. They ensure that the presented information is clear and concise. They're flexible to work with and help you produce a precise and evidence-driven profile by compiling your vast data.

Drug Safety / Pharmacovigilance

At Intellectt we specialise in providing a tailored team of medical technicians, physicians, pharmacists and professionals in the medical field work who jointly help you meet the regulatory requirements, to control the risk factor involved in the product and to escalate the product value while guaranteeing patient safety.

We provide experienced pharmacovigilance consultants who work closely with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device projects to monitor the efficacy of the drugs and document the unpropitious reactions through all phases of (clinical and post-marketing) drug development.

Compliance & Quality Assurance

Our team of recruiters who exclusively specialise in quality assurance & control has achieved the status for being experts in staffing for your Compliance and Quality Assurance team within life sciences.

Being one of the trusted recruitment agencies in the life science industry in the USA, our reputation among our clients for delivering quality staffing services is seen in the quality delivered in every project they are part of.

Our expert personnel enable us to provide quality assurance profiles for positions at all levels including:

  • Head of Department
  • Team Lead
  • Project Manager
  • Complaints Handler
  • Quality Assurance Officer
  • CAPA Specialist
  • QMS Specialist

R&D Engineer

With extensive knowledge in programming and scripting, software tools and processors, we work towards bringing in the best R&D engineers to deliver the utmost value for your projects.

Our R&D engineers are team players and work with the technical team to construct strategies and data solutions to meet long term goals. Their collaborative skills with Quality Assurance team to provides efficient results to every project of your company.

Design Engineer

Our Design Engineers have profound knowledge in maths and IT skills with a flair of creativity and design aesthetics. Accompanied by excellent project management and organisational skills they strive to provide efficient and outstanding results by combining creativity and engineering by understanding the project requirements.

Design engineers care to make sure that the end product is made cost-effectively and efficiently. They specialise in the following tasks:

  • study design briefs
  • providing design solutions
  • come up with research to make it cost-effective
  • analysing the environmental impact and safety
  • use CAD and CAE to create mock-ups
  • study data from tests on mock-ups
  • testing designs

Manufacturing Engineer

With sound problem solving, team working, IT and analytical skills we present you the best candidates who can design, repair, respond and manage an entire process of setting up and running a manufacturing line. Our candidates are also trained with supervising technical staff, making improvements and possess excellent equipment knowledge while staying updated with fast-growing technological advancements.

The manufacturing engineers we staff for you are responsible for:

  • designing new equipment, processes, procedures and systems
  • installing equipment
  • figure out the reasons for breakdowns
  • enhance efficiency
  • supervising the staff
  • managing budgets
  • maintaining statistical records

Quality Engineer

With an extraordinary engineering background, our candidates ensure that the engineering and manufacturing processes follow the flow and are executed to perfection to meet the essentialities of the project. Their command on their subjects assists them work towards structuring the company's quality standards to match the necessities throughout the production process. Along with meeting your needs, our engineers also work to satisfy the legal demands of the industry.

The following are the important skills our Quality Engineers posses when they step in your organization:

  • Collaborate with Supplier Quality to develop and implement continuous improvement plans for the incoming material.
  • Deliver quality controls and enhancements to proactively address problems and improve product quality, manufacturing flow & customer satisfaction.
  • Develop procedures to manage large product excursions including rework, valuing the financial impact of issues and managing permanent corrective actions.
  • Maintained ISO 9000 documentation for quality procedures during CATV inspection and electrical/mechanical performance evaluations.
  • Perform process capability studies; review and analyse results recommended changes to improve quality and follow up on effectiveness.
  • Assisted in implementing quality standards and audited procedures to renew ISO certification.
  • Perform and analyze weekly data metrics, identify and implement several process improvements and conduct impact predictions through impact maps.
  • Create/Document Risk Assessments, PPAP, FEMA, Process Control Plans and conduct related CAPA investigation and Root Cause investigations.
  • Develop Control plans and Quality procedures for new product introductions.
  • Stronghold in the fields of Quality Audits, FMEA, SPC and Sigma.

Reliability Engineer

We at Intellectt help you find the qualified and quality Reliability Engineers who are professionals in creating a systematic and defined asset maintenance plan. Their experience leads them to design a well-structured strategy and is backed up by their technical knowledge which helps them identify and reduce the risk involved. They ensure appropriate usage of assets and provide necessary technical support when needed.

The following skills are tested before providing you the best Reliability Engineer:

  • Develop root cause failure analysis process and reliability engineering for all paper product machines that result in maintenance cost reduction.
  • Establish and upgrade existing routes for preventative maintenance for electricians and mechanics from root cause failure analysis.
  • Determine corrective maintenance actions needed for failed critical FRU items that affect availability and preventive maintenance procedures for annual maintenance.
  • Develop and maintain a Relational Menu Driven Failure Analysis and Corrective Action Database.
  • Educated with various departments including Engineering, Validation and Manufacturing about GM FMEA policy and process.

Commissioning & Qualification

With organized engineering operations using a risk-based approach, our qualified cGMP consultants offer commissioning and qualification (C&Q) services who are dedicated to helping you begin or refurbish their facility, utilities, systems, and equipment. They also provide cost-effective formulae constantly.

Their sole goal is to maintain regulatory compliance and comprehend the distinctive requirements of your process and product and to develop a plan aiming the critical features. They assist you to make your project a have a favourable with their wide technical knowledge backed by years of experience.

The C&Q services include:

  • Design Reviews
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs)
  • Receipt and Inspection
  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)
  • Commissioning Protocol/Checklists
  • Punchlist Management
  • User Requirement Specifications
  • Function Requirement Specifications
  • Detailed Design Specifications
  • Critical Aspect Risk Assessments
  • Facility Validation Master Plans
  • Installation Qualification
  • Operational Qualification
  • Cleaning/Steaming Cycle Development
  • Performance Qualification
  • Cleaning Validation
  • SOP Generation
  • Change Control Assessments
  • Deviation/Investigation Management

Validation Engineer

A Validation Engineer associating in any industry such as Manufacturing, Aviation and Food industries, Biotechnology lab, Pharmaceutical companies, Hospitals, Public service and private test labs or in any Research institutions; they are expected to manage, inspect, calibrate, test and modify the instrumentation, equipment, mechanics and procedures used to manufacture various products which ensure that all setups are working efficiently to roll out high-quality products.

We at Intellectt, make sure that the Validation Engineers we provide you are capable of meeting the above criteria. Also, these engineers analyse and find solutions for the equipment inconsistency and be the advisor to suggest if the equipment needs to be repaired or replaced.

Even though a validation engineer’s role will change according to the industry they are a part of, but the typical roles are:

  • Monitoring and test equipment
  • Documenting test reports
  • Preparing compliance reports
  • Leading validation activities
  • Resolving problems
  • Improve equipment efficiency
  • Track validation activities by creating databases
  • Creating validation schedules
  • Monitor validation technicians' work
  • Maintain instrumentation and equipment
  • Keep up to date on industry standards and regulations

Automotive Engineers

With the global automotive industry's reach being estimated to reach 1,14,250 thousand units by 2024, we at Intellectt understand how significant it is to employ effective automotive engineers. From the moment they step in we make sure that their involvement is fully beneficial in the designing, manufacturing, distributing, marketing, sales and after-sales care of cars, racing cars, motorbikes and other commercial vehicles. Their strong technical knowledge coupled with their aesthetical sense improve the efficacy of the vehicles, the electronics and software involved with the respective vehicles.

Our Automotive Engineers are responsible for:

  • Analysing project necessities
  • Convincing and Negotiating project budgets, timelines and requiremnets with clients
  • Overseeing test procedures
  • Factoring and planning test methods
  • Inferring results and providing statistical analysis of the data
  • Picking the best vehicle components and sourcing them for the best use
  • Providing technical advice to clients
  • Produce designs using specialist computer modelling software
  • Handling complaints efficiently
  • Investigating and fixing failures
  • Closely work with suppliers
  • Researching for relevant topics
  • Supervising the team.

Embedded Systems & Firmware Development

For embedded-systems design and firmware development services, we have set a standard of being the experts in the market as well as your ally. We help you develop new hardware without any trouble coupled with the best performance. 

Custom programming for your hardware and devices are made effortlessly for your company's projects or services. We deal with a complete embedded-systems project from scratch (concept to design) and till the end (production) or even fix a bug in the existing system as our ultimate aim to take all you embedded-systems projects to success.

Software and Mobile Application Developers

Our developers provide you with the top-notch applications and software for all your projects which meets the requirements of the clients. Creating the source code, maintaining and implementing it to develop mobile applications and software are done by our developers who are certified in

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Swift
  • C++
  • C#
  • Objective-C
  • Kotlin
  • Python
  • HTML5
  • J-query
  • SQL
  • Perl and other programming languages

Cloud Computing Engineers

Our Cloud Computing Engineers are always geared up for the responsibilities associated with cloud computing which includes designing, planning, managing, maintaining and providing support at any time deploy cloud services for your projects.

The Cloud Computing Engineers at Intellectt can slip into any of the following roles:

  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Software Engineering
  • Cloud Security Engineering
  • Cloud Systems Engineering and
  • Cloud Network Engineering

Our Engineers come with additional experience in building or designing Web services in the cloud who are basically familiar with programming languages including

  • Java
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • OpenStack
  • Linux
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Rackspace
  • Google compute engine
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Docker

Information Security & Networking

We at Intellectt are aware of the increasing demand for Cybersecurity. We equip your company with professionals who are experts in ethical hacking and OSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual) along with brilliant communication and analytical skills. They provide a detailed analysis based on previous questionnaires and support the sales processes as well by responding to the client queries.

Data and Technology

With our data and technology solutions expertise, gear up to fight the challenges that curb the company's growth of revenue and constantly staying relevance in the market. The services include:

DCAM (the Data Management Capability Assessment Model) is the industry-standard framework designed to help develop and sustain an extensive data management program.

IT Strategy
To constantly be the spearhead of technological innovation, your company needs an effective IT strategy. While being watched and guided by practical expertise, you'll be capable of achieving a significant impact by focusing on business results.

Data Management, Analytics and Visualisation
Novel approaches to data management empower your company to collect and use data in new ways. We help you execute this with expert consultation while exhibiting strong data-driven decision-making with better approaches to compliances. All of this is achieved by combining a range of data tools, techniques and frameworks allowing and speeding up your projects' data journey.

Software Testing

Being in the staffing industry for these many years have taught us how essential is the step of testing a project before delivering it to the client. We make sure you employ the Software Testers who are capable of carrying a full-fledged evaluation of the software for its functionality while ensuring that it ticks all boxes of the project requirements.

We take special effort in finding the talent who are strong in both manual and automation testing. Their inputs provide the benefits of figuring out cost-cutting solutions along with improved customer satisfaction to elevat the product's quality.

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